Children in Need and Children Protection

Children in Need and Children Protection

Not below level of:
Acceptance of referral Team Manager (see note below*)
Decision to dispense with consent Team Manager (see note below)
Decision to undertake Children's Social Care Assessment Team Manager (see note below)
Approval of Children's Social Care Assessment completed Team Manager (see note below)
Consult with police Team Manager (see note below)
Commence Section 47 enquiries Team Manager (see note below)
Decision to convene Child Protection conference Team Manager
Approve Child's Plan (LAC Care Plan, CP Plan, CIN Plan) Team Manager
Chair child protection conference IRO

Rehabilitation of a child subject to a Child Protection Plan:

  1. Accommodated (Sec 20);
  2. Subject of Care Order (Placement with Parent Regulations apply).

  1. GM, following recommendation of CLA review;
  2. HOS following recommendation of CLA review.
Reduction of visiting requirement to child on CP Plan GM
Reduction of visiting requirement to Looked After Child GM
Disclosure of convictions to a third party Team Manager (in consultation with police)
Decision on outcome of police check, i.e. whether the information relating to any convictions affects decision to place a child GM, with reference to HOS where convictions are of particular concern e.g. violence / substance abuse
Transfer or acceptance of case to/from another local authority Team Manager
Case closure Team Manager
Media release on missing child HOS (ensure need to know form completed for DCS)


*Team Managers - applies to EDT staff and also where this has been mutually agreed and recorded within PPD/ supervision with due to substantial experience/professional development of other Level 3 workers.

Court Proceedings

Not below level of:
Application to Court for Secure Accommodation Order Legal Gateway Panel. Agreement for such plans may be sought from the AD outside of Panel if required
Application for Emergency Protection Order Legal Gateway Panel. If approval required outside of the Panel in an emergency - HOS.
Initiation of Care Proceedings HOS/Legal Gateway Panel
Seeking legal advice where other agreements e.g. PLO, Court Proceedings not in place HOS/Legal Gateway Panel

Looked After Children, Adoption and Foster Carers

Not below level of:
Approval of suitability of private foster carers TM

Approval of foster carers and terms of approval. Temporary approval of registration of connected persons to care for child/ren

ADM following recommendation of Panel HOS via Legal Gateway Panel following recommendation by child/ren's social worker.
Approval of supported lodgings providers Supported Lodgings Panel
Agreement for foster carers to operate out of fostering approval or over fostering limit (Exemptions) Agency Decision Maker
Deregistration of Foster Carers Foster Panel recommends to GM/ADM on recommendation of Panel
Deregistration of supported lodgings providers Supported Lodgings Panel
Appointment/cessation of Foster Panel members ADM (GM level)
Chairing of Looked After Children Reviews
Chairing of secure accommodation review
Decision to accommodate a child under section 20 Legal Gateway Panel - HOS

Emergency placement of child subject to Interim/ full Care Order with a Connected Person carers.

Extension of temporary approval in exceptional circumstances from 16-24 weeks.
HOS (following minimal mandatory checks (see procedures) for first 16 weeks pending full foster carer assessment
Placing child already subject to Interim/ full Care Order under Placement with Parents Regulations ADM

Remand to Local Authority accommodation - approval of any placement other than C&YPS accommodation
Approval for use of any agency residential or foster placements including parent and baby placements

Out of area placements



Consent to the Following for Children Subject to Care Orders:

  1. Marriage;
  2. Name Change;
  3. Dental Treatment (routine/local anaesthetic);
  4. Dental Treatment(general anaesthetic / tooth extraction);
  5. Surgical operations major surgery and minor surgery;
  6. Immunisations;
  7. Medical Treatments(minor surgery / local anaesthetic);
  8. Medical Treatments (major surgery / general anaesthetic);
  9. Contraception;
  10. Terminations;
  11. Emergency Treatment;
  12. Testing Children for Blood Borne Viruses i.e. Hepatitis C & B & HIV;
  13. Issue of passports;
  14. Entry to force;
  15. Holidays abroad;
  16. Emigration;
  17. Burial / cremation of child in Local Authority care;
  18. Change of placement while young person is in Key Stage 4.

  1. AD;
  2. Recommendation of Review / HOS;
  3. Foster carer / Care Officer(s);
  4. Group Manager or suitably delegated with Group Manager Oversight (in consultation with parents/foster carer(s));
  5. Group Manager or suitably delegated with Group Manager oversight (in consultation with parents / foster carers);
  6. Social worker / Leaving Care Team / Foster Carers;
  7. Team Manager / Foster carer(s) / Care Officer;
  8. HOS (in consultation with AD when high risk);
  9. Team Manager;
  10. AD;
  11. Carer (to inform Social Worker/Fostering Social Worker asap);
  12. HOS;
  13. SW;
  14. HOS;
  15. Team Manager. Term time, HOS & VHT;
  16. HOS;
  17. HOS/AD;
  18. HOS.


Signing application forms for claims to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board on behalf of children subject to Interim/ full Care Orders GM
Agreeing requests from children in care for advance of money from award GM
Informing other Local Authority of looked after child residing in their area Social worker
Informing other Local Authority of a care leaver residing in their area Social Worker/Personal Advisor
Approving Adoption as care plan for child Team Manager
Best Interests decision on Adoption as care plan Agency Decision Maker
Approval of prospective adoptive parents, and match of child/prospective adoptive family Adoption Panel recommendation, ratified by AD (Agency Decision Maker)
Appointment/cessation of members of Adoption Panel Adoption Team Manager (ratified by GM) - ADM
Permanency Panel - ratify at 2nd reviews Agency advisor and chair

Financial Support - LAC and Leaving Care

Not below level of:
Fostering Allowances
  1. Payment at basic scale rates;
  2. Cost of educational outings;
  3. Clothing;
  4. Assistance with travel costs;
  5. Payments in relation to Leaving Care arrangements;
  6. Assistance with property conversions / re-housing;
  7. Assistance with setting up costs;
  8. Provision of lease vehicle to foster carers;
  9. Assistance with Domestic Help.
  1. Fostering Manager;
  2. As above;
  3. As above;
  4. As above;
  5. GM/Leaving Care Service;
  6. AD (may require Cabinet decision depending on cost);
  7. Fostering Manager - Up to £300, GM to £1,000, HOS to £2,000, in excess of £2,000 Cabinet Decision Record;
  8. AD;
  9. Fostering Manager up to £40 per week, GM over £40 per week.
Extraordinary Foster Care Allowances within approved budgets
  1. Holiday and birthday allowances;
  2. Christmas (or other religious festivals) allowances;
  3. School holidays and excursions;
  4. Tuition and special activity fees;
  5. Personal items;
  6. Mileage costs;
  7. Emergency payment.
  1. Fostering Manager;
  2. Fostering Manager;
  3. Fostering Manager;
  4. Fostering Manager;
  5. Fostering Manager;
  6. Fostering Manager;
  7. Fostering Manager.
Leaving Care
  1. Incentive payments for participation in education or training;
  2. University or further education payments;
  3. Accommodation costs;
  4. Approval for use of Bed and Breakfast;
  5. Setting up home costs;
  6. Family contact costs;
  7. Emergency payments;
  8. Holidays;
  9. Equipment for education, training or employment;
  10. Birthdays and significant events;
  11. Health needs;
  12. Consent to seek Independent Foster Agency placement;
  13. Consent to seek external residential or complex 16+ placement;
  14. Procurement of external agency placement (fostering, residential or other).
  1. Team Manager;
  2. Up to £1,500 per annum GM, over £1,500 per annum AHoS;
  3. Up to £300 Team Manager, up to £650 GM, over £650 AHoS;
  4. GM;
  5. Up to £300 Team Manager, up to £650 GM, Up to £1,500 AHoS;
  6. Up to £300 - Team Manager, up to £650 - GM;
  7. Up to £300 - Team Manager, up to £650 - GM;
  8. Up to £300 - Team Manager, up to £650 - GM;
  9. Up to £300 - Team Manager, up to £650 - GM;
  10. Team Manager;
  11. Up to £300 - Team Manager, Up to £650 - GM;
  12. HOS;
  13. Complex Needs Panel (or HOS if timescales require this);
  14. Under £50k a year – AD. Over £50k per year – DCS. If over £250k, consultation with Lead Member.
Short Breaks Payments Team Manager

Financial and other Support to Children and Families in Need

The emphasis of S17 of the Children Act is that the local authority delivers services to children in need but only in exceptional circumstance should this be direct financial assistance. Delegated budget holders will have regard to thresholds for service, the availability of finance within the budget and the principle that wherever possible the first recourse must be to maximise benefit entitlement and utilise other resources available to the family. Consultation with the Welfare Rights Section or Department for Work and Pensions should be undertaken before authorisation of financial help to families. Where it is possible to claim benefits, in exceptional cases top up assistance can be provided from S17 and the presumption is that Income Support levels will normally suffice, but in no circumstances should payments exceed fostering allowance rates.
Not below level of:
Section 17 payments

Social Worker /Family Support Worker - up to £30 for one off payment

EDT Team Manager - up to £100

One off &cumulative payments not exceeding £300 - Team Manager

One off & cumulative payments exceeding £300 - GM

Special Guardianship / Child Arrangements Order payments (in accordance with policy) GM
Assistance with Legal Fees including Child Arrangements Orders HOS

Giving of rent and damage guarantees or bonds:

  1. up to £650;
  2. in excess of £650.



Day Care / Nursery Placements costs

Team /Fostering Manager up to 5 sessions

GM over 5 sessions

Payments for Home Care provision from an approved independent provider

Social Worker / Family Support Worker up to 4 hours one off

Team Manager - any amount above 4 hours one off

GM - any amount ongoing commitment

Payments for

  1. Food;
  2. Holidays / Outings.

Team Manager (up to £300) / EDT Team Manager up to £100

Team Manager (up to £300)

Payments to parents or others to promote contact with looked after children Team Manager under £300, above - GM
Payment of setting up home costs Team Manager (TYS) up to £300, GM (TYS) up to £1,500, HoS over £1,500

Accommodation costs for care leavers

Team Manager (TYS) up to £300 pw, GM (TYS) up to £650 pw, HoS over £650 pw

Adoption Support payments HOS and ADM
Payment of legal expenses in contested adoption cases GM up to £650 HoS above £650
Settling in grant or allowance under S 23 of Children Act to child placed for adoption. TM
Referral to BAAF / Be my Parent and Inter Agency Adoption fees. TM
Independent assessments GM (in consultation with HOS)
Authorise Volunteer Driver Mileage GM
Payments to enable Persons who Pose a Risk to Children to reside outside the family home


Communication with National and Local Government

Not below level of:
Correspondence to and from Members of Parliament. AD to be informed and (in consultation with Director) to approve all replies before they are sent and copies of correspondence to the Cabinet Portfolio Holders

Correspondence to and from Elected Members of the City Council

Response drawn up by HOS with copy to AD / Director


Any matters that are likely to attract adverse attention or publicity should be discussed with Director and Press Office (HOS) in advance.

Car Badges

Not below level of:
Issue of Disabled Persons Car Badge to Children
  1. Where criteria met;
  2. Refusal to issue badge or withdrawal of badge;
  3. Consideration of appeal against refusal to issue badge or withdrawal of badge.
  1. Social Worker / Family Support Worker;
  2. Team Manager;
  3. GM.

Trix procedures

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