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Criteria for Transport

  1. Transport should not be ordered if:
    • The child resides within the Hull Boundary is over the age of 11 and attends a mainstream secondary school, or resides in Hull and is of an age where can catch a bus;
    • If the child is on a main bus route from their home, placement to their destination and is independent enough to travel alone;
    • If the child is in foster care and the carer has transport. (For exceptional cases this can be reviewed and should be discussed and authorised by a manager);
    • Any journey under 1 mile should not even be considered.
  2. Contact transport should not be ordered for:
    • No officer of the authority;
    • Parents / Foster Carers should not access the service. All transport has to be ordered by Business Support, EDT, FRC or Fostering team.

Please note where at all possible foster carers should transport children to and from their contact placement.

  1. Transport which is to be ordered directly by Social Workers

    Adhoc: If the taxi is needed within a 24 hour period. This would be ordered using the EDT process.

    Anything under two weeks which the CCU cannot accommodate immediately. Please see process map.

    Weekend / Out of hours transport where it would not fit with anything else. (Excluding planned return contact journeys).

    Please note pupils who have an Education, Health or Care Plan or who have learning difficulties are the only exception to the above.

Trix procedures

Only valid for 48hrs