Hull Information Exchange - Disabled Children (HIE-DC)

Hull City Council's Children and Family Services are offering parents and carers of disabled children/children with additional needs in Hull the opportunity to enrol their child on the Hull Information Exchange - Disabled Children (HIE-DC).

Below, are the answers to some questions parents and carers may want to ask you about the HIE-DC:

HIE-DC? - What's it all about?

The Children Act 1989 requires all local authorities to establish and maintain a register of disabled children in their area. The HIE~DC is Hull's response to this requirement.

The information parents and carers share with us is really important. We need to know our local population and what our local needs are to ensure that we are responding and planning future services effectively. We can keep you updated on disability issues and send you newsletters.

My child hasn't had a medical diagnosis yet can I still enrol them?

Yes. If your child hasn't yet been assessed you can still enrol them.

How old does my child have to be to enrol?

Children from 0 to 18 can be enrolled. If the young person has a learning disability they can be enrolled up to their 25th birthday. Young people of 16 and over who are disabled or have additional needs can enrol themselves if they are able to do so.

Are there any more benefits of enrolling my child on the HIE-DC?

Yes, absolutely! Anyone who enrols their child will receive a discount card which can be used at various outlets and venues across the city

What if I subsequently decide I no longer want my child's details on the HIE-DC?

Enrolling a child with the HIE-DC is voluntary and you can choose to have your child's details removed at any time.

Where and how is the information kept?

The information you provide will be kept confidentially and securely by Hull City Council's Children and Family Services.

How do I enrol my child/the child I care for on the HIE-DC?

Enrolling a child on the HIE~DC is easy to do. You can ring Michaela Marriott on 616359 and ask for a HIE-DC form to be sent to you. The form isn't very long but if you think you may need some assistance completing it please do let us know this when you ring.

You can also enrol online when you visit Click here for the HIE- DC Enrolment form.

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