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Rights and Participation - Targeted Youth Support


This chapter provides an overview of the work of the Rights and Participation Project for looked after children and young people.

1. Introduction

We work in partnership with partner agencies to make sure young people are listened to which in turn helps shape and develop services for the future. Based in Kenworthy House, the Rights and Participation project provides support for looked after children and young people up to the age of 21 to ensure that children and Young People are listened to in decisions which affect their lives.

The work undertaken through Rights and Participation is to support young people to raise issues important to them through the YVIC (Young Voices Influencing Care) and to take these to the relevant partners such as Youth Parliament, the corporate Parenting Board and other youth forums.

2. Support through the Complaints Process

The project also supports young people through the complaints procedure. Young people who make complaints through the Council Complaints procedure are routinely referred for independent advocacy to help them navigate the process. Young people are able to make an official complaint and the Local Authority has an obligation to investigate.

As well as YVIC and dealing with complaints the service provides independent consultation with young people for example independently supporting young people to attend Looked After Children (LAC) reviews and also provides and independent service to seek young peoples views on their experience of reviews.

3. Young Voices Influencing Care (YVIC) Group

 The YVIC group Meets Monthly and is open to looked After Children & Young People please contact The Team on tel: 615602.

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